Divisive Categorisation

Sitting at a Berlin pavement café on a sunny Sunday morning, the 4 people at the next table are discussing religions, referring to "Catholics", "Protestants", "Muslims", "Jews" and a "wonderful meeting of all religions" that is coming up somewhere soon.

And I'm thinking, "What nonsense!"


"People" is the appropriate common descriptive term.

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All boundaries are imaginary.

We create them in our minds.

We often then proceed to construct physical and social boundaries based on those we've created in our minds.

Once we create a boundary, it becomes real.

Notwithstanding this, they remain imaginary.


When we realise how these boundaries hinder us, we frequently talk of building bridges to overcome them.

Perhaps bridges are not the answer.


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An Invitation to Change – IF you REALLY want to …

The intention is always significant – at the beginning.

On its own, it remains a dream.

There is plenty wrong in the world, just as there is in many individual lives.


There is much talk about doing good in business. And much of it is sincere.

There is even more talk about doing good in the non-profit sector.

So much is well-intentioned, yet just talk.

Many individuals on a change path will relate to this too.


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Her wide weary eyes stared at me intensely. "I know I need to do this and know too that I'll be better for it. But I'm scared of what I might discover. That's why I've been putting it off."


"What's the alternative?" I replied.

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