Healthy Business

About a month ago, I received a call from Norbert, a successful senior sales manager in his 40s who I first worked with about 5 years ago. His former boss, a genuinely polite yet highly focused businessman, is sitting out the final months of his pre-retirement year because he has lost the energy to fight with his successor: a fresh aggressive 35 year old man whose only leadership option is his way. Norbert is looking for another job. He doesn't need the stress.

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Necessary, but Unproductive Work

Last Sunday, I found myself in conversation with a highly committed energetic Child Protection Officer in one of the world's largest aid agencies.


Just imagine...what results she could help to achieve if she were able to channel her energies towards a positive cause, creating something...


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Dealing with Pressure and Stress

It's the nature of the world that those holding more power will generally attempt to gain an advantage over those with less.


A customer may pressure their suppliers; an organisation may pressure employees; within an organisation employees may pressure one another; a government may pressure it's citizens; a husband/wife may pressure their partner. The list is endless.


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The Dentist, Money and Responsibility

This story is interesting for all the wrong reasons.
On a flight from Asia to Germany, my neighbour explained that she needed to return home due to her mother's recent visit to the dentist.
Dentist? Strange? … Yes, I thought so too, especially as she had a seemingly idyllic life working as a diving instructor on a tropical island.


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