Dealing with Pressure and Stress

It's the nature of the world that those holding more power will generally attempt to gain an advantage over those with less.


A customer may pressure their suppliers; an organisation may pressure employees; within an organisation employees may pressure one another; a government may pressure it's citizens; a husband/wife may pressure their partner. The list is endless.


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mylifeQs Self-Coaching is a guided self-improvement process which provides you with the insights and power to make positive changes to your life. It comprises meaningful questions and impulses set by your coach.

During the process you have no personal contact with your coach and are supported by a set of clear working guidelines emphasizing your personal responsibility for your success.

Self-Coaching is not ...


mylifeQs Personal Development Coaching supports your development as a whole person to enable you to live an economically viable more fulfilling life.
Whether your primary focus is on your professional or personal life, it is equally appropriate and effective.
It is not business coaching, although it will help you in your business.
It is not relationship coaching, although it will help you in your relationships.
It is not financial coaching, although it will help you in your relationship to money.

Life Balance

Johann is a successful Marketing Manager for an international engineering company and enjoys his work immensely. In his mid-40s, happily married with young children, he complained about how little time he was able to spend with his family, even when he wasn't travelling – simply too much work with unrealistic deadlines. He also talked about his wife who gave up a career in management to return to nursing which she loved.

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