mylifeQs Personal Development Coaching supports your development as a whole person to enable you to live an economically viable more fulfilling life.
Whether your primary focus is on your professional or personal life, it is equally appropriate and effective.
It is not business coaching, although it will help you in your business.
It is not relationship coaching, although it will help you in your relationships.
It is not financial coaching, although it will help you in your relationship to money.

Role of a Coach

An effective personal development coach asks you questions, powerful questions, to get you focused on what you really want to do in life. This enables you to take control of your life: ... essential for success.

Of course you are searching for answers when you come to a coach. Just don't expect the coach to give them to you. YOUR answers are what you need. Your coach is a catalyst and guides you towards them.

Why Use a Coach

Phases of confusion or disorientation in life are normal. If the issues are minor, we can usually find a solution ourselves. Where they are more complex, a coach with no emotional attachment to your life is able to provide perspectives that you, in your confusion, cannot.

Life Coaching

mylifeQs Life Coaching supports you in getting focused or re-focused during periods in life when, for whatever reason, you have lost your way, lack orientation and/or feel you need to make a significant change but don't know how.

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Executive Coaching

mylifeQs Executive Coaching is highly focused personal development for executives and senior executives in the context of their work.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

mylifeQs Entrepreneur Coaching focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. Successful entrepreneurs have a clear business model and focus on the essentials, keep the big picture in perspective and work on developing their business.

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mylifeQs Self-Coaching is a guided self-improvement process which provides you with the insights and power to make positive changes to your life. It comprises meaningful questions and impulses set by your coach.

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mylifeQs Coaching Philosophy

The philosophy behind mylifeQs work is humanistic, profound yet really very simple. Our approach has also been labelled Socratic. You can read more by downloading the attached pdf file.

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