Entrepreneur Coaching

mylifeQs Entrepreneur Coaching focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. Successful entrepreneurs have a clear business model and focus on the essentials, keep the big picture in perspective and work on developing their business.
This coaching helps you gain clarity on where and how to focus and the steps you need to take to ensure you do not get suffocated in operational detail. In addition, you will be provoked into reconsidering established business ideas and behaviour patterns to free up your innovative power. New start-ups especially will notice immediate benefits from this approach.
The difference to Executive Coaching: Unlike Corporate Senior Executives who are paid employees contracted with improving somebody else's business, an Entrepreneur carries the full weight of emotional and financial responsibility on their shoulders. As an active business owner, the division between personal and professional life is frequently so blurred that both flow freely into one another and are impossible to separate. Most entrepreneurs are actually founders of their organisations, forming a very strong emotional connection.
Engaging a coach as an Entrepreneur: a relatively small investment in your potential for unlimited success.