Eric Lynn



Life is about people.
Our differences provide a rich learning source for all.
When we embrace and integrate the new, we can change, transform;
then life gets really exciting.

Eric Lynn, developer of the concept and content of mylifeQs.

Some years ago, while participating in a workshop at a Tokyo university researching comparative communication styles of westerners and the Japanese, the professor leading the research commented on my results at the end of an intensive interview: "Eric, you're impossible to categorise!"

I liked that as it was both true and congruent with how I felt about myself. That was 12 years ago and today, I can relate even more strongly to the sentiment.

I was born in one country,  grew up in another, had parents from a third – in which I later spent a significant part of my adult life. I recently lived for 8 years on a different continent. Sorry, drop-down menus will not be of use here.

My work as an Economist and Teacher (in a "past life"); Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, Executive and Life Coach (present life) has taught me the fruitlessness of categorization. This perspective has been reinforced by my experiences as a father, traveller, businessman and of course a "normal" (whatever that means) sentient being gaining life experience in countries on four continents, over 30 of which I have worked in and 8 of which I have lived in.

EricMy work is about removing barriers and opening perspectives. Focus. Encouraging reflection to be followed by appropriate action. It's this that leads to change congruent with the individuals who need to live it.
How? Appropriate focused questions that provide orientation.

This is the background to mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching.
It also forms the foundation of my Cultural Integration and Facilitation work in organisations.

Today, I enjoy life and am able to appreciate all the experiences it offers me from a positive perspective. Even the seemingly negative ones contain learning – which is positive.

I work wherever there are good people who would like me to accompany them in good purposeful work, using English (native) and German (I lived in Germany for over 20 years) as working languages.
After many years in Asia I now live in Berlin. I very much look forward to hearing from you.