Executive Coaching

mylifeQs Executive Coaching is highly focused personal development for executives and senior executives in the context of their work.

If you are:

(i)    seeking a solution to a specific problem in your professional life
(ii)   seeking to develop specific people skills in order to advance your professional life, for example: Leadership,          Doing Business with People from Different Cultures, Developing High Performance Teams, this is for you.

The Importance of Executive Coaching

Organisations quite rightly expect high performance and results from their executives. And life can be pretty lonely in senior positions with demands from business owners, customers and those people for who you are responsible. These demands may appear to conflict, and often enough they do. Regardless, you still have to deal with them positively. The challenge is to maintain perspective and improve. Without self-improvement, business improvement is highly unlikely. An executive coach encourages you to examine your challenges from a range of angles and ask yourself questions which you had previously not even considered.

The focus and benefits:

Orientation towards the key issues. Focused Vision. Results.

All successful senior executives, sports stars, creative geniuses have coaches. While we generally don't see them, they are working effectively to support their clients.
Why not you?