What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process geared towards enabling you to do what you want and need to do to initiate a Positive Life Change for yourself, regardless of the context.
If your needs are not clear, the coach supports your search process.

What is Self-Coaching?

Self-Coaching as practised by mylifeQs is a self-controlled and self-governing process in which you, the coachee take full responsibility for your progress. We provide the critical questions for the coachee to use in their personal inquiry. The outcome for personal improvement gradually becomes clear.

Why Self-Coaching?

Ideally, in situations where we become "stuck" in life, we'd like a coach to support us. In practice, this is rarely possible. Self-Coaching is a very good alternative. In addition, if a person really wants to make positive changes to their life, self-coaching imposes an explicit sense of self-discipline necessary to achieve effective results.

How is mylifeQs different/special?

We at mylifeQs are the question people!

The majority of self-help initiatives available offer general answers to general questions which admittedly, very many people ask.

However, for an answer to be a good fit for an individual, that person needs to engage in a process of inquiry themselves. It is then not general, but specific. REAL change can then occur: only then. This is the mylifeQs approach: Different from the norm and Special because it is geared towards the individual client.

We offer questions: the questions you need to ask yourself!

You possess the answers within you already. The mylifeQs approach awakens your answers.

Why is the cost of mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching so low?

So many people that speak with me professionally are searching for alternative ways to arrange, even live their lives. Years of using this inquiry-based approach have proven it to be extremely effective.

Today's technology makes it feasible to offer this resource widely at low cost. I would simply like to make it available to as many people as possible.

What can I do after completing the 30-Days Self-Coaching process?

Firstly, changes you need to make, congruent with you and your life should be clear to you now. So...start implementing them! Smile … This is the intention.

If you are having a challenge starting, ask yourself: "What is preventing me from doing this work?" … And then see if you can overcome the barriers.

If you are still feeling unsure, please feel free to contact us with your specific request.

Can the mylifeQs approach (inquiry-based learning) be used with groups in the corporate or oganizational world?

Absolutely. YES!

I have been using this approach successfully with groups for many years.

Please feel free to contact us with your specific inquiry.

Do you organize open workshops using the mylifeQs approach?

This is the intention in the future although specific dates and locations have not yet been planned.

If you would like to organize an event, please contact us with your ideas.

Your question is not here?

Sorry! Please feel free to contact us.