Integration        Facilitation


Integration is, …


All business units are working together, focused on one set of common objectives.


Effective business integration only occurs through people integration.


Non-integrated organisations tend to be diffuse, with a resulting lack of orientation and focus. Decisions will be based on personal rather than organisational need, frequently leading to conflict and thereby significant avoidable costs.


My work …

I facilitate the business integration process by getting your people functioning as an integrated unit.


The result: they all perceive themselves and work as part of an interconnected system, they understand the business goals in the same way, they have one common focus, they take responsibility for their results. There is clear focused positive leadership. They experience personal and business success.


These principles apply just as much to organisations and institutions as to corporations.



Facilitation is a group working process that directly supports your organisation achieve desired goals.


A facilitator is a neutral guide/catalyst/provocateur who gets and keeps a group focused on working towards their common goals. S/he takes responsibility for the working process. The group is responsible for content, decision-making and implementation.


The facilitation process entails bringing people and organisations together to enable them to focus on and work towards a common goal.


Situations in which I am regularly engaged include …


  • Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Corporate Reorganisation

  • International Management Team Development

  • International Projects (especially kick-off phase)

  • Leadership Development

  • Problem Solving

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Vision search

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Initiatives

  • Large Group Events