International Projects

A project is an organisation formed for a limited defined period of time, and therefore underlies the same business principles as more permanent organisation structures ...


integrate the people to achieve desired results.


I work with you as a Project Consultant to get your people aligned as an integrated unit with the project objectives, which permits you to focus on the business.


Tasks include - Design and Facilitation of processes to ensure maximum engagement of stakeholders in the following events: Team Meetings, Kick-off, Project Workshops, Project Wrap-ups.



Perhaps you have encountered the following scenario for international project meetings:


Meetings consist of a series of technical presentations to an audience listening passively, followed by a few questions. This approach is particularly common for kick-off events.


During the breaks, some of the group members may meet each other.


Afterwards, having been "given" all the information they need, they are expected to return to their offices and work on the project – cooperating across continents.


Well … Good luck! Our experience shows that this is where the problems start:


  • work does not get done because people do not understand their roles

  • tasks do not get completed and quality specifications are not met because group leaders don't understand members expectations of them

  • tasks take a low priority because there is no sense of commitment to the project

  • real cooperation, therefore technical development does not occur because people are unaware how to communicate with each other

  • technical development is not integrated because people are not communicating with each other

  • ……

  • ……

  • There is no FOCUS …

  • Progress is limited; Frustration creeps in; Conflicts escalate; Objectives are not achieved; Your sponsor is dissatisfied.


and costs keep rising while the deadline gets closer.


This situation is easy to avoid: design an appropriate, positively oriented process from the start – Integrate the People with the Business.


Prevention is an excellent investment ... and ... always preferable to cure.