International Team Development

For Executive Teams, Management Teams


A team is a group of interconnected people working as an integrated unit to achieve a common set of commonly understood goals.


It is neither a group that forms for a short term event, nor colleagues in a department who cooperate without the need to integrate their activities.


We human beings are complex, and therefore, any group of us contains inherent complexity. The degree of complexity is increased exponentially in international teams due to the diversity of world views which begins even with the frequently assumed "basics" of what a "team" entails … - You don't believe me? Well, Feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to present you the evidence.


Basically, the questions facing teams,
whoever they are and wherever they
work are very similar:


  • What do we want/need to
    do together?

  • What do we want/need to
    achieve together?

  • How are we going to
    achieve it, together?

I channel the diversity in your team and get them working as an integrated unit.


Issues we confront include:

  • A balance of roles in the team

  • Appropriate selection of team members for specific roles and tasks

  • Integrating different working styles of team members

  • Benefiting from the diversity in the team

  • Establishing common working principles

  • Developing commitment

  • Establishing responsibilities

  • Developing trust

  • Communication culture

  • Team leadership

  • Creating processes

  • Action planning

  • …………………


I work only with real teams that need
to work together. You come together
and decide on all the key questions in
an open space with clear agreed goals
and a clear focus.