Life Coaching

mylifeQs Life Coaching supports you in getting focused or re-focused during periods in life when, for whatever reason, you have lost your way, lack orientation and/or feel you need to make a significant change but don't know how.

Some of the more common reasons are ...

  • general dissatisfaction with life
  • problems in professional life
  • relationship issues
  • death of someone close
  • lack/loss of purpose personally or in working life
  • end of an era (e.g. children leaving home, retirement)
  • separation
  • stress
  • loneliness
  • boredom
  • health and physical issues
  • simply the wish or feeling that the time is rife for something new

In your particular case, your need for support may be one of the above or something completely different. Regardless, we'll work with your issues. They are the only ones that matter.

mylifeQs Coaching will provide you with...

  • Clarity: a comprehensive clear picture of your life now and the reasons for its flow
  • Focus: on what you really want to do
  • Orientation: on the primary influencers on your current life
  • Direction: for your future and your next steps towards achieving this future
  • Awareness: with the ability to filter the insignificant from the really important questions