Selected Reference Consulting and Facilitation Projects


Rail Technology Sector

Project consultant to ESCARV (EU sponsored, technology research).

5 nationalities, 17 organisations.

Rail Technology/Environment Sector

Project consultant to RAVEL (EU sponsored, design for environment).

5 nationalities, 8 organisations.

Responsibilities: preparation of the project management teams for the leadership, communication and process issues that invariably arise in such projects; designing and facilitating kick-off meetings (up to 45 participants); consulting on issues as they arise during the project; coaching Project Manager; facilitating whole-project meetings and obtaining commitment to work programme adjustments as appropriate.


Result: "These are the two most successful projects I have ever supervised." European Commission representative responsible for overseeing these projects.

Financial Services Sector

Integration of an acquired German subsidiary into an American/British organisation with 40000 employees worldwide.

Result: The German subsidiary trebled staff within a period of two years due to increased business.

IT Sector

Integration of a small software company into a large multinational technology corporation


Result: Recognition of reasons behind the lack of success; realignment of the business unit.


Hong Kong Airport

Problem-solving workshop to enable the opening of the rail link for the new Hong Kong Airport.


Result: The airport was able to open as scheduled.

Change agent (Transportation Sector)

An integration and modernisation change process at 2 sites in 2 countries of an old economy industrial company.

Result: Business unit profitable again after 8 years.

Vision Search (Biopharmaceutical Sector)

Vision search and integration processes for a number of business units in the European headquarters of a US corporation.

Result: New impetus for stagnating internal culture.

Strategy (International NGO in Lao PDR)

Determining 2-year strategic direction for the organisation while attaining commitment through involvement for ensuring implementation of plans.

Change agent for an international media organisation.



Process Manager (Automotive Sector)

Selection and introduction of an international young managers training programme.



Result: All trainees were offered posts in the organisation at the end of the programme.

Project Manager (Consumer Durables Sector)

International team development process for global purchasing teams.

50 people: 9 locations, 4 continents. Programme design, implementation and management.

Result: Vastly improved communication between colleagues working globally and virtually.

Mediator (Automotive Sector)

Coordinating operations between German headquarters and Central European production facilities.

Consultant (Health Services NGO, Nepal)

Voluntary: Organisational and PR advice to improve efficiency and fund-raising opportunities.

OD Consultant (Education Services, India)

For internal and external (company clients) OD assignments.

OD Consultant (New Restaurant Chain, India)

Design and implement organisation structure, coaching CEO, design management approach, staff training specifications.