mylifeQs Self-Coaching is a guided self-improvement process which provides you with the insights and power to make positive changes to your life. It comprises meaningful questions and impulses set by your coach.

During the process you have no personal contact with your coach and are supported by a set of clear working guidelines emphasizing your personal responsibility for your success.

Self-Coaching is not ...

Self-Coaching is neither a set of recommendations, nor answers to pre-conceived questions, nor is it advice based on other people's success.

Self-Coaching is Useful where ...

There is absolutely no question that face-to-face coaching is preferable to online self-coaching. However, the option of a personal coach is not always available.

Finding and engaging a good life coach involves overcoming 4 primary hurdles:

  • You need to find a good life coach (anyone else is a waste of energy).
  • The good life coach you find may not be somebody you resonate with.
  • The good life coach you find and resonate with may not be in a geographically convenient location for you.
  • The good life coach you find and resonate with, who is in a geographically convenient location may simply be beyond your budgetary constraints.

In this case, mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching provides a unique effective alternative.

It consists of a set of 34 questions and impulses, we recommend you do one a day for 34 days, challenging you to reflect on your roots, the way you live your life, your intrinsic motivators, who you really are and how you can express this in the way you live.

Like mylifeQs Coaching, it will provide you with...

  • Clarity: a comprehensive clear picture of your life now and the reasons for its flow
  • Focus: on what you really want to do
  • Orientation: on the primary influencers on your current life
  • Direction: for your future and your next steps towards achieving this future
  • Awareness: with the ability to filter the insignificant from the really important questions

And, at the price of a good book, we are making it affordable, therefore available to almost everyone.

Read more about the mylifeQs coaching philosophy to understand the principles on which this programme is built. The working guidelines contain recommendations for approaching your challenge.