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Conditions of Use and Code of Ethics Agreement

We really would love to be able to assume that every individual that logs onto this site is doing so purely out of personal interest, and in fact, are convinced that you, as one of the overwhelming majority of our valued users are in this category. Unfortunately, however, the modern business world contains more than enough absurd examples of litigation encouraged by a few greedy lawyers as well as dishonest and opportunistic individuals whose primary purpose is simply to gain financial benefits under false pretences, often encouraged by a sensationalist media.

In addition, plagiarism (which might otherwise be called theft) for personal gain is all too easy and common.

Therefore, to protect ourselves, we feel obliged to request your specific acceptance of this agreement with clauses that we consider to be simple common sense.

Thank you for your understanding.

  1. I agree that use of any materials on this website is purely on my own personal responsibility. The consequences of any actions I may undertake as a result of using these materials are my own and I agree not to hold the owners of website and materials contained therein responsible in any way whatsoever.
  2. The copyright of all mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching materials lies with Eric Lynn. I agree to recognise this explicitly and not to copy and distribute the materials in any form whatsoever.
  3. I recognise explicitly that my purchase of mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching entitles me to use the materials for the specified time period. I have no rights whatsoever to copy, publish or distribute them in any form.
  4. I recognise that I, the customer am alone responsible for ensuring that I am able to access the product I have purchased. mylifeQs bears no responsibility for technical availability at the customer end.
  5. Some countries require a provider to permit customers to withdraw from a contract within a limited period (sometimes up to 8 weeks) after purchase. Given the nature of mylifeQs: 30-Days Self-Coaching (60 days access), I recognise that this is unrealistic and agree categorically not to access my legal rights in this case.
  6. Forum users agree to abide by the Code of Ethics which can be viewed below. All users recognise that failure to abide by the code may result in their being excluded from future access to the forum.
  7. Access to the forum and blogs is granted by the website owner on a voluntary basis at no charge to the user. Users are aware that this access may be withdrawn at any time by the website owner, without notice. Compensation will not be available.
  8. In the case that the law of any country should deem that any of the above conditions are not legally binding, the user declares that, notwithstanding this, they will not hold Eric Lynn in any way responsible for his/her use of materials on this site.

Furthermore, the user declares that, notwithstanding any anomalies in copyright law that may exist in any individual country, they agree to abide by clauses 2 and 3 above.

Außerdem erklärt der Nutzer, dass er sich trotz eventueller Abweichungen der Copyright-Bestimmungen eines Landes an die oben genannten Klauseln 2 und 3 halten wird.

Code of Ethics

Our blog and forum are voluntarily made available by the website owner as a positive learning resource for everybody. Ask your questions, give us all the benefit of your experience, share your stories.

To enhance the learning, all users are encouraged to take note of this code of ethics governing their use.

1. Integrity

All users agree to not exploit the sites www.mylifeQs.com and www.mylifeQs.de in any way for personal financial gain. This includes posting commercial or self-promotional material on the forums or blogs. Posting of website addresses and links, E-mail addresses and phone numbers is strictly prohibited.

2. Respect for other users.

All users agree to participate actively with other users in the forums and blogs in a respectful way. We provide this resource as a platform for constructive debate in which all are invited to share their experience and points of view openly.

Where users disagree with posts, they should share their views respectfully and not make personal criticisms about other users.

Any user making personal criticisms or derogatory comments about another user or the owner of the sites www.mylifeQs.com and www.mylifeQs.de, either directly or indirectly will have their posts deleted.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards culturally-oriented abuse (e.g. race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, social status, ...)

The site owner reserves the right to delete any posts that might offend generally.

Furthermore, the site owner reserves the right, without giving notice, to exclude any user who disregards this code of ethics from further access to the forum or blogs.

If any user has cause for complaint about a specific post, we invite them to contact us using the form on the contact page . To assist us in dealing with any issues, please give specific details of the post (thread, date, user name) to enable us to easily identify the problem.

[Box to tick] I have read the statements above and agree to abide by them.