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Selected feedback and learnings from satisfied customers.

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I feel I have more power and experienced very strong emotional support from the results! Now, I am transforming this power and a lightness in dealing with problems into implementation of my plans.
SO, Germany

I find this process absolutely enthralling and useful and can't wait to get to the next question.
AL, Germany

I'm really enjoying re-examinig my life with this open and substantial process.
WM, Belgium

I really like the way the questions are formulated and I spend at least 45min to 1hr sitting and writing.
EB, France

Incredibly useful for reassessing my perspective.
FJ, Germany

This has helped me to gain an understanding of why I appear to have been misunderstood.
GD, United Kingdom

I have learned the importance of being true to myself.
ZA, Sweden

I am clear about maintaining the importance of my personal integrity, regardless of the hardships I've been through.
KB, Germany

There are not only "rights" and "wrongs" in this world.
GH, United Kingdom

It was so important to give myself the space to ask these questions. I'm now clear about what I want and need.

Returning to my core values which I am now more acutely aware of, has enabled me to reassess my priorities.
LW, Germany

Thank you for asking me these questions. Even though I still have a way to go to achieve stability, my direction is clear.

I am now very clear about what does not work and why.
OB, Argentina

The questions are not as easy as they appear. Very useful.
MB, India

I now understand that leadership begins with me.
WW, Germany

While going through this process, I kept a notebook with handwritten responses - good tip.
I found it very valuable. Thanks!
WP, Finland